Honeybees are Disappearing World Wide:
Is this the fulfillment of prophecy?

     In Revelation 6:5-6 we read a prophecy about a famine that will someday affect this earth.  The four food groups mentioned in the passage are all foods that can be pollinated by the wind.  When I first heard about the disappearing honey bees I began taking a close look at this particular prophecy and eventually at prophecy in whole.  What we cannot discern at this time about this prophecy is the reason that a measure of wheat will cost a penny (a day's wages in the time period this was written), and three measures of barley will cost a days wages as well.  Some have speculated that the famine will be caused by the wars that are seen in the prior prophecy of Revelation 6:4, and that is very much a real possibility.  On the other hand, what if that is merely a speculation or only part of the cause?  It is possible that their disappearance is only part of the equation that will lead to the fulfillment of the prophecy.
     The fact that famines do not necessarily have to come on suddenly leads me to look more seriously at the disappearance of the honey bees. Why did God mention four food groups that can be wind pollinated? 
     When I really began to dig deeply into prophecy in an attempt to collate and correlate every prophetic verse in the Bible, I began to realize that too many assumptions have already been made in the subject of Biblical prophecy.   I have come to understand through my studies that many people have formed conclusions without looking at every piece of the puzzle.  Please watch for my upcoming book titled "God's Great Revelation Mystery". 
     Whether the disappearance of the honey bees is related to the prophecy of Revelation 6:5-6 or not remains to be seen.  It does no harm to consider and/or reconsider our former conclusions in light of what is actually happening in our world today.  In time we may be able to begin to realize just why God even gave us this prophecy.   People with their eyes closed can not see anything more than one born blind!  


Update May 14, 2015
    In 1998 the government began experimenting with a patented process called Geo-Engineering.  It is interesting to me that the honey bees began disappearing about the same time.  I would encourage readers to do some research into this matter before assuming any conclusions.  The information is available all over the web and easy to find.  I have personally been digging into the issues of the implications for over a year now.  Can it be that what they are doing is affecting the honey bees? 

Update May 17, 2010
   The article below and the links that follow are from 2009 or older.  After you read the following article I suggest you type in "disappearing honey bees 2010" in google search and see all the new info. for yourself.   The problem has only gotten worse and no answers have surfaced as of yet.  Once again I have to ask "Is it possible that this is the third horse riding in the Revelation 6:5-6 or not?" 

     Have you investigated the disappearing honey bee situation? The problem is not just in America. Australia, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Poland, Italy, Greece, Taiwan, Brazil, Britain, Wales, France, Canada, and Belgium are all reporting incidences of Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The adult worker bees just fly away from the hive and never return. They are presumed to have died afar. It is estimated that possibly 70% of the honey bees in America are now gone, and farmers are having to truck in honey bees from all parts of the globe to ensure pollination of their non-wind pollinated crops like almonds and berries. Canada claims to not have enough bees to pollinate their blueberry crops without importing more which may bring in various diseases or destroying mites. Just recently the Czech republic is claiming that half of their bee population could have been wiped out last winter by a parasite.*  Not only CCD, but insecticides, fertilizers, cell phones???, mites, diseases, and maybe even windshields (just kidding) are being blamed for an ever increasing world wide problem.   Add up all of the different normal problems and then consider CCD, and the honey bee seems these days to be spiraling into extinction.  Its not just honey bees though, bumblee bees, wasps, butterflies, and various other pollinators seem to be disappearing too - "Beyond the honey bees, Something   is killing all the pollinators. Pollinators include honey bees, bumble bees, hornets, wasps, butterflies, hummingbirds and even bats. Something is happening in the environment that is causing all of those different species to decline - and currently the most dramatic event is the massive disappearance of honey bees."  (Read this article at   http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_4557.cfm ).  In 2008 alone, nearly half of Italy's 50 billion bee population died, and the world wide problem has yet to be solved. What does this mean in the near future for the world's food supply?
     Over 90 different food crops need insects to produce.  These include various fruits and vegetables as well as coffee, cotton, and even certain food crops for cattle. Seed harvests for future planting should not be forgotten either.  Without seeds each year, numerous crops won't be available to need pollination in following years which will make the wind pollinated crops like wheat, corn and rice in higher demand worldwide. Some web articles are  reporting that there are already serious shortages of rice, wheat, and corn crops (wind pollinated crops), and that rising costs of food have recently been responsible for deadly clashes in Egypt, Haiti, and several African states.  What is the problem and who has the answers to solve it before we have only wind pollinated crops for food that must be shared with food producing animals like cattle, hogs, chickens and turkeys for survival?
     This author has begun to consider this question:  Is God causing the honey bee disappearance?  Could the third horse of Revelation 6:5-6 have already begun to ride? The full impact of that horse's ride will apparently be world wide famine leaving only wind pollinated crops for food. It appears that when this prophecy is in full force, it will cost a days wages for one measure of wheat and a days wages for three measures of barley.  Wheat, barley, olives and grapes (those four crops listed in Revelation 6:5-6) are wind pollinated crops for the most part although some olives and grapes do require insects for pollination.  The recent disappearing pollonator crisis has led this author to ask- Has the third seal already been opened on the book Jesus is given in Revelation 5:1?   Most theologians tend to put the four horsemen inside the 7 year great tribulation period I realize, but the white horse (Rev. 6:2 - the anti-christ) has to  be here before the 7 year tribulation begins if he is going to sign a 7 year peace treaty that will start the great tribulation period (Daniel 9:27).  If the white horse rides before the great tribulation begins, is it possible that all four horses will ride before it and are they preparations for the great tribulation rather than judgments within it?  Is America the 1/4 of the earth spoken of when the fourth horse of Revelation 6:7-8 rides??????  Did God picture horsemen riding to show a gradual increase of troubles as time elapses during the horsemen's rides?  Many questions beg our diligent study into this situation.
     Many theologians have speculated about the judgments listed in the book of Revelation and there are numerous theories about them. It is not this author's desire to attempt to correct any of those theories but rather to encourage every reader to take a deep look into the disappearing honey bee situation and ask questions for themselves. Below are listed several links that discuss the honeybee situation. Regardless of personal theories about the book of Revelation, world wide famine of those insect pollinated crops could be coming soon if the disappearing honey bee situation is not corrected soon. This author will suggest that God's Holy Bible is once again proving itself to be in fact 'The very words of God written on paper" since only God would have known thousands of years ago that this famine was coming in these last days before Jesus returns.  
    This author would like to invite honest souls to take a good look at the Jesus of the Bible and the salvation he offers before it is too late. He gave his life on an old rugged cross to bear the penalty for all of your sins and my sins nearly two thousand years ago. He patiently waits for those who will face their sinful condition and turn to him for forgiveness. He who created the human ear is listening intently for any who will repent and call upon him today and confess their need of the Savior. Someday it will be too late to ask Jesus to save you. Will you call upon him now? The angels in heaven are anxiously waiting to hear even one sinner repent and accept Jesus as his or her Savior- (Luke 15:7).  Will the next party in heaven be because you repented today?  
     Consider this question:   Is God causing the worldwide honey bee disappearance and does it corelate with Revelation 6:5-6 in the Bible? 

Geo-Engineering Watch   
On you tube check out "What in the world are they spraying" and "Why in the world are they spraying".

*  This recent article states that 29% more of the honeybee population disappeared between September 2008 and April 2009

CZECH Bee Colony Depopulation – winter 2008
Czech bee colonies have been stung by a warmer-than-usual winter. The balmy temperatures in the Czech Republic over the last couple of months have provided an ideal breeding ground for a parasite which has been wreaking havoc on the country’s bee population. Experts predict that up to half of the Czech Republic’s bees could have been wiped out.
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