Chapter twenty-five part B

Tied to a stake to be executed merely for translating the Bible into the language of the people, William Tyndale cried out to God “ . . . ‘Lord! open the King of England’s eyes.’”2   03      God opened King James’ eyes to the need of an accurate English translation and commissioned its birth years before English became the language taught around the world. God knew that English would become the world’s sought after language in these last days. “English has become . . . the standard language of science, technology, business and communications. It has been the primary medium through which the Word of God has spread during these last centuries of Church History.”   204   It is not unthinkable to suggest that English has become the world’s sought after language in these last days precisely because of the influence and subsequent blessings received by those who have cherished God’s Holy Word in the KJV Bible. Let no reader make light of this clear fact! God was preparing his accurate message to be taken into ‘all the world’   (205)   through the English language in the KJV Bible. Jesus said himself that the gospel would be preached in ‘all the world’ before the end would come:

“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.”   206
     It is from the English-speaking people that the gospel goes out freely to people all over the world in the form of Bibles and tracts. It is doubtful that statistics could be compiled to reveal how many copies of the KJV Bible have been printed and given away for free. Men may purchase numerous English translations from bookstore shelves, but only one English version text may be reprinted without permission, the KJV text.   207 This is because God alone owns the copyright on his message, and he has given his servants the tools necessary to take his Holy Word to the world. Every servant of the LORD may freely copy and distribute the KJV text until the whole world hears the gospel of Jesus. For nearly four centuries now, God’s true servants have been faithfully distributing the gospel of the kingdom to the world through it. No other book on earth can claim the number of copies printed as the KJV Bible! “In the entire history of the world the King James Version has repeatedly outsold any other book ever published.”   208    
     Does this mean that nobody can get saved from other English or foreign language translations? It does not mean that at all! The simplicity of the gospel precludes that idea from validity. Jesus paid the full penalty for every man’s sin. God’s justice against humanity’s sin was satisfied on the old rugged cross nearly two thousand years ago in ‘FULL’.   209   A little child who can comprehend simply that he or she is a sinner in need of the Savior and will repent and place his or her trust in Jesus, calling out for mercy upon his Holy name, can be saved from the judgments to come. Many English version Bibles may bear enough truth about Jesus’ sacrificial death as the Lamb of God who took away the sin of the whole world that God can reach any simple honest heart who will place his or her faith solely in Jesus. Nothing is impossible for God, but it is impossible for humans to live by ‘every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God’   (210)   , if those humans have not ‘every word’. This author cautions readers against trusting their eternal soul to any copy of a corrupted Bible.  
     Many people today disown the KJV Bible with complaints about the words ‘thee’ and ‘thou’ within the text. What those people do not understand is the value those words add to the clarification of the message within the text. ‘Thee’ and ‘thou’ refer to singular application when spoken, whereas ‘ye’ and ‘you’ refer to plural application. Speaking only to Peter in Luke 22:34, Jesus said ‘ . . . I tell thee, Peter, . . .” ‘Thee’ clarifies that Jesus was speaking solely to Peter. The words ‘you’ and ‘ye’ used in the next verse included all of the disciples: “ . . . When I sent you without purse, and scrip, and shoes, lacked ye any thing? And   theysaid, Nothing.” All of the disciples had been sent out, which is why ‘they’ answered together. The KJV Bible is the only English translation this author has found that clarifies those differences throughout its text. This accuracy is necessary because the words translated from the Hebrew and Greek designate singularity and plurality. Other English versions tend to use the word ‘you’ for all applications. Often times the message is not critically smudged by the modern confusion of the word ‘you’, but there are times when the message can be misunderstood for lack of the clarifying words thee, thou, ye, and you used exclusively in the KJV text. Modern translators who would like to clear up their confusing texts might try the use of the modern words ‘you’ for singular application and ‘you all’ for plural application. That would make a clear modern text for those who don’t like the ‘thees’ and ‘thous’ of the KJV Bible wouldn’t it?  
     The translators of the KJV Bible were apparently the only translation group truly interested in precise accuracy. God made sure readers could understand his Holy Word with precision through the use of clear English. The fact that many people today refuse to open a dictionary and find the meaning of some of those words isn’t God’s fault. God has preserved his truth accurately through that old loved and hated KJV Bible, and humans have no real reason to hate the KJV. Some just do!  
     God’s truth has endured now through the English language for nearly four centuries in that old Bible. In spite of all the modern money makers and private translators who think God cares nothing about what they do with his message, God’s pure truth has continued and will continue to all generations as he promised.
     All modern New Testament translations from the late 1800’s appear to share in the same fault. Translated into English from a either Greek compilation put together by a committee largely influenced by two men named Westcott and Hort, or from a Greek compilation by Nestle and Aland (revised 26 times by 1992), each modern version appears to suffer from being the product of a consideration of two corrupted ancient manuscripts.   211      Fuller quotes Ellicot saying, “The new Greek Testament upon which Westcott and Hort had been working for twenty years was, portion by portion, secretly committed into the hands of the Revision Committee. . . . deviating the furthest possible from the Received Text, . . . this Greek text, in the main, follows the Vatican and Sinaiticus Manuscripts.”   212   Fuller also stated, “The revisers . . . made 36,000 changes in the English of the King James Version, and very nearly 6,000 in the Greek Text.”   213   Numerous scholars have studied the two manuscripts they tended to rely on, and it is openly evident that dishonest scribes had tampered with both in numerous places.   214   Trying to find the truth from such corrupted scripts would be like trying to discover the truth of Isaiah chapter twenty-nine in Smith’s version with no other version to compare it to. Westcott and Hort ignored accurate manuscripts and preferred two blatantly corrupted texts.  Later Nestle and Aland thought they could do a better job with the same corrupted manuscripts but were continually revising their work trying to find truth from corruption.   Did they really believe they could find the truth, or were they intentionally trying to direct men away from God’s truths? One must always remember that Satan’s ministers parade themselves as ministers of righteousness!   215 (Information concerning the Greek compilation by Westcott and Hort or Nestle and Aland can be obtained through a multitude of works listed in the appendix of this book.)  
     If the foundation for all modern translations is corrupt, even an honest translator cannot possibly expect to arrive at an accurate rendition of the original text. Modern translations may contain some of the words of God, but Jesus made it clear that God intended for men to live by ‘every’ word that God has spoken:

“ . . . It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by   every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.”   216  

Readers will not find ‘every’ word that has proceeded from the mouth of God in any modern version that has been translated from the Westcott/Hort Greek compilation. It would do each reader well to find out if the version of the Bible they read from has been translated from that corrupted compilation.  
     The devil could not destroy God’s Holy Word because God has protected it, but he has caused confusion in the world through the plethora of various modern Bible versions. His tool is doubt, brought upon the world through critics who, like Westcott and Hort, reject God’s protection of the scriptures and offer the world corrupted copies of the Bible. They stand near the tree where Eve was first deceived and listen to that old serpent undermine God’s promises to protect his Holy Word. They cannot be certain what God originally said, so they settle for what they think must be what God meant.  Their own imagination becomes the standard for deciding what the real message must have been.  It is no wonder that we have hundreds of 'so-called' Christian sects in the world!  This is all because they choose not to believe God’s promises.   Everybody believes what they want to be true; they do exactly what the Mormons do!  They pick and choose what they like from the scriptures and feel justified in doing so because they assume God hasn't preserved his Holy Word.  Judgment day is going to be a very revealing time for many.  Take a look at Matthew 7:22-23 in the Bible and see if the shoe fits this reader.   
     Confusion is the fruit from the tree that grows out of the idea that God has not protected his message to the world.  Notice in the following quote how two versions came into being because truth is now up to each person’s preference. “The English Revised Version of the Bible was published in 1881-1885; and the American Standard Version,   its variant embodying the preferences of the American scholars   associated in the work was published in 1901.”   217    They cannot even agree among themselves what the real truth is because their best manuscript evidence is blatantly corrupted, and they refuse to be honest about it. In their dishonesty they reject the witness of thousands of unadulterated manuscripts, they willingly refuse to see the truth, and they do the devil's bidding even though they claim righteousness. Confusion is Satan’s tool!   218     They have promoted it!
On the other hand, the men who translated the KJV Bible considered a multitude of ancient manuscripts rather than just two. They were able to set aside those that gave evidence of tampering. If ‘every’ word that has proceeded from the mouth of God can be found today upon the earth in the English language, it will be found in the KJV English Bible.  
     In answer to any questions readers might have about the ancient manuscripts that support the Old Testament, this author will point interested parties to such authors as William P. Grady, David Otis Fuller, Rev. D. A. Waite, Henry M. Morris, and Edward F. Hills among a multitude of others. A few of their extensive works are listed in the appendix of this book. They also direct readers further to numerous supporting studies by men like Dean Burgon who was a contemporary of Westcott and Hort. This author need say nothing more than what these mighty scholars have already put in print. God has preserved his Holy Word in the Old Testament in English in the KJV Bible! Readers are invited to take up their own spiritual shovel and dig deeply for the buried treasures God has in store for those who have faith and an honest desire to find the truth. It is probable that faithless unbelievers will have already made up their minds and will never break a sweat in search for the honest truth. Will it matter on judgment day which version of the Bible a person studied from anyway? Chapter twenty-six will consider that question.  
     God has promised over and over throughout the Bible that he would preserve his Holy Word, and he has done so in English through the KJV Bible. The preservation of his Holy Word is a task he is committed to for a number of reasons, his love and our judgment among them. It was God’s great love for man that sent his only begotten Son to die horribly on the old rugged cross. God’s love allowed Jesus to pay the penalty for human sin and open the path of forgiveness and fellowship between God and men. That same love compels God to preserve his message so that all men through all ages might learn of the great love he has for us and with that knowledge men may prepare for the judgment to come. Jesus made it clear that the world will be judged in the last day by his spoken words:
“He that rejecteth me, and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him:   the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day.”   219
How could God be just in judging men by the words of Jesus unless God has accurately preserved the words of Jesus for all to read? Wise men will seek for them as a hidden treasure!  They are available to those who seek.
     Love and judgment together would be ample reasons to compel God to preserve his Holy Word, but once God promised to preserve his message, he was bound by the fact that he cannot lie (see chapter eighteen). Faith says God has preserved his Holy Word because God said he would! God said it! That settles it! Will you believe it?  
     By comparing the available number of copies of ancient manuscripts that agree together, it is apparent that the vast majority of people who had access to copies of God’s Word feared him enough to leave his message as they discovered it. This respect for God’s Holy Word is evidenced even today when one considers that with all the new modern versions of the Bible, the KJV is still being published. Whether the reader agrees with the KJV Bible or not, it is evident that there are some who still believe it to be an accurate translation of what God originally said. They refuse to receive any changes. Their refusal to accept any modern translations of the Bible is almost unbelievable. They stand in defiance of all modern versions often without even an investigation of the newest option. This is because many believe that to change the wording of the Holy Bible is tampering with the very words of God. They exhibit a deep reverence for God’s message. They are not modern freaks. It is conceivable that there have always been some people with this same attitude in every generation. This too is evidenced by the thousands of ancient manuscripts available from which the Holy Bible has been translated. Not everybody tampered with God’s message! The multitude of accurate copies made by those who honored them as God’s revelation ensured that the true message would not be lost, yet the preservation of God’s true message was not left solely to the multiplicity of ancient manuscripts. God assigned to himself the task of preserving his Word to all generations as seen in the verses above. Where men may fail, God will not!  
     God’s accurate message will not be found in Joseph Smith’s altered version of the Bible or in the BkM. Evidence has already been presented against them both that makes this clear.   The Living Bible Paraphrased  can be eliminated from the honest seekers options since in 2 Peter 2:19 it is apparent that whoever penned its pages did not respect God’s Holy Word enough to heed these warnings:

Add thou not unto his words, lest he reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.”   220  
Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish   ought   from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.”   221  

“For I testify unto every man that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book,   If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book:
And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and   from   the things which are written in this book.     222

     It is wrong to add to God’s words as Joseph Smith and the author of The Living Bible did, and it is also wrong to subtract from God’s words. Readers should ask themselves this question: ‘Would I change something in the Bible if I thought it was incorrect?’ This writer must ask who is alive today that lived when the original pages of the Bible happened and therefore thinks they know what corrections should be made? God alone! The wisest decision for all who seek the truth of God’s message is to obey that which we already have while researching the question about which Bible version is accurate. If the reader disagrees with the KJV Bible then choose which version you believe to be correct and follow it. Will it matter on judgment day which version each person followed? Let’s consider that question in chapter twenty-six.

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